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Eat Better. Plan Ahead.

by Elena Ciccotelli January 05, 2017

Eat Better. Plan Ahead.

You already know the deal. Studies show that the best way to keep your New Years resolutions is to plan ahead.

I know - planning sounds like a big ol' PAIN.

Especially when it comes to food.

No matter how you want to eat better — more protein, less meat, more vegetables, fresher, easier — the more you plan it out, the better chance you’ll have of sticking with it.

When we’re hungry, we don’t make the best decisions. Have you ever suffered from the occasional "hangry" moment? During these times it’s really unlikely that we’ll choose a hearty salad full of nutritious vegetables and satisfying grains or lean meat. We are much more likely, in those weaker moments, to grab a slice of greasy pizza or hit a drive-through for a quick fix of calories.

That’s where Take It Home's schedule-ahead delivery saves the day. You can plan out meals for an entire week when you’re at your most rational and well-intentioned, even checking the ingredient lists to make sure each dish conforms to your goals for the New Year.

Our menu let’s you add dishes for multiple days to your cart—and check out with a single click or tap. We list every ingredient in every dish so you can make smart choices that work for you.

If you haven’t decided on any resolutions yet, remember to up your chances of success by creating reasonable, measurable goals. If you’re a total couch potato, starting to hit the gym twice a day may be overreaching. 

Similarly, “eat better” as a resolution may be hard to follow because it’s so general, but “have vegetarian dinners three times a week” or “eat vegetables every night” are easy to measure.

Good luck! We look forward to delivering you dinner in 2017!

See the menu to get started.

Elena Ciccotelli
Elena Ciccotelli


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